Shingo Matsuura

Composer / Arranger / Dictator /

Music educator / Lecturer /

Bandoneon player on the side / Instruments player for improvisation, educational programs etc. /

Born in Kyoto, JAPAN in 1979. I live in Nara now. I had studied composition with Kei Kondo , composition and Piano with Yoko Kubo, Saxophone with Yasuhiro Shinohara in Osaka College of Music. I studied basic Bandoneon playing technic with Nestor Marconi in Buenos aires, Argentina in 2014-2015. I am an amateur Gidayu-shamisen player of “Rokkakuza” -the traditional Japanese puppet theater in Nose -the north town in Osaka, JAPAN-. I am studying “Hutozao shamisen” with Seisuke Tsuruzawa who is a shamisen player of “Bunraku“.

My speciality is Western Classical and Contemporary music, But I am related to all genres especially Jazz, World Music, Clubculture, Electronica, Sound Art and etc.

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